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Every day you have an opportunity to write your story.  Choose to write a story you are proud of.  -Christa Doran   If I was a betting woman, I would bet that you regularly have days like mine is today. Days where you feel stretched so thin you might break... where your heart rate is elevated, your shoulders creep towards your ears, and you can feel the stress throughout your body. On days like today, I am proud of myself for showing up to train, prioritizing my meals, and doing five minutes of breathing (that felt like forever).  Many times, being proud has a negative association. We think of it as arrogance or not having humility. Having coached women the better part...

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Thick Thighs & Saving Lives

I spent the majority of my teens and twenties trying to alter, change, and perfect my body... my thighs especially.  When I think back to all the days that were wasted trying to change my physical appearance, I get sad, and a little angry... and then I think of how much progress I have made since those dark years, and I get all teary eyed and grateful to be in this powerful place today.  So much of my time was spent trying to change what my body looked like... instead of celebrating all it was capable of. Far too many moments were spent obsessing about my appearance. Far too many hours were spent trying to change the size and shape of my...

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The Disney Dilemma

The doors opened and I looked around. Oh no.... I thought to myself as I waded through the sea of tulle and sparkle.  "How was the show!?" my mother asked excitedly as we spoke through Facetime the next morning? BIG SMILE "Did you know it was a Disney Princess on Ice Show?!?!" I said with an excited (ok sarcastic) voice. "Oh no..." my mom said with a semi- chuckle. "Oh yes. Don't worry mom, you can read all about it in my next blog. (Yes, as in this right here). "Christa, there is nothing wrong with princesses."  "You are right mom, but there is something wrong with the way Disney has portrayed women through their princesses..."  I sat in my stadium seat a bit uncomfortable with my surroundings,...

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