Every day you have an opportunity to write your story. 

Choose to write a story you are proud of. 

-Christa Doran


If I was a betting woman, I would bet that you regularly have days like mine is today. Days where you feel stretched so thin you might break... where your heart rate is elevated, your shoulders creep towards your ears, and you can feel the stress throughout your body. On days like today, I am proud of myself for showing up to train, prioritizing my meals, and doing five minutes of breathing (that felt like forever). 

Many times, being proud has a negative association. We think of it as arrogance or not having humility. Having coached women the better part of seventeen years I can tell you without a doubt, that there is not enough pride taken with women and their accomplishments. Most of the time the feelings surrounding what we have accomplished are ones of making other people proud or of not doing enough or being enough. We instead think, "I could have done more... " 

One of my goals for every person who walks out our doors at Tuff Girl is to be proud of themselves. Training in a way that makes YOU proud of you, and not doing it for anyone else but yourself. 

This feeling of being "proud" of yourself might feel foreign, or strange or silly to you. And that is ok. We are here to help.

This week, every day, think of something that made you proud of yourself. Say it in your head. Today I am proud of (fill in the blank). Let it soak in and simmer around. Let it give you the warm fuzzies. Let it make you feel good about yourself. 

Some days your pride might come from showing up. Some days your pride might come from not being so hard on yourself. Some days your pride might come from backing off your training, rather than digging in and giving more (because that is what you know your body needs). Some days your pride might come from a personal best that is YOURS and is ENOUGH. And some days your pride might come from staying home from your training because you know you need more sleep, or a rest day. Some days your pride might come from saying no and putting yourself first, rather than last. 

People pleasing is something that must be unlearned in order for us to set boundaries and live a life that is fulfilling to us. It is a hard thing to say no when we know it might disappoint someone, especially someone we care about. I have come to understand that setting boundaries, saying no, working to make myself proud (and no one else), has led to a more fulfilled life. One where I am at home in my skin. One where I am kind to myself. One where I am always enough, even on my "worst" stretched-too-thin days.

You know where to find us if you need one full hour of amazing reasons to feel proud of yourself. (I am here all night tonight and am so happy to remind you of this!)

Hugs & Hi-Fives,