Thick Thighs & Saving Lives

I spent the majority of my teens and twenties trying to alter, change, and perfect my body... my thighs especially. 

When I think back to all the days that were wasted trying to change my physical appearance, I get sad, and a little angry... and then I think of how much progress I have made since those dark years, and I get all teary eyed and grateful to be in this powerful place today. 

So much of my time was spent trying to change what my body looked like... instead of celebrating all it was capable of. Far too many moments were spent obsessing about my appearance. Far too many hours were spent trying to change the size and shape of my thighs. Far too many times I looked in the mirror and only thought terrible things about my incredible body. 

All of those things took me away from living life as a confident and empowered woman who would not settle, who knew her worth, and who went out to crush big and scary goals.

I hate to think of my daughters viewing their amazing body the way I did for so many years. The sad truth is that the majority of women (and now young girls) hate their bodies.

The good news is there are things you can do, starting right now, to start to change how you feel about your amazing body, which will change the way your daughter feels about her amazing body and how your son views women's bodies. 

Just like anything else, it will take hard work, commitment, and daily practice. But, the great news is that you are worth it, and living confidently in your own body is an incredible feeling that every woman should experience, and every girl growing up should get to witness from the women in her life (that's you).

You can want to change your body, and love it at the same time. It is ok to want to change your body... to want to make it better, fitter, stronger and yes, even leaner. But you cannot hate yourself to a better place... you can only love yourself better. Change your body from a place of love, not from a place of loathing. 

It took me a lot of years to love and appreciate my strong, powerful, capable thighs. Too many days were wasted trying to change them. Too many moments hating them. Now I celebrate them and all they allow me to do. This has led to a happier, more confident life for me, and also provides an excellent role model for my three little girls who are learning from my example, seeing everything I do, and hearing everything I say. 

Love them. Love yourself. Watch what happens.

Hugs, Hi-Fives & Thick Thighs,


Body Best Practices for You and Your Children

  • Stop talking about what your body looks like.
  • Stop talking about what other people's bodies look like.
  • Stop criticizing your body. Remember, your kids love you. Imagine how that makes them feel when you tear down the woman they love and admire. 
  • Stop critiquing your body in the mirror... out load or in your head. Stop. 
  • Stop pinching, smacking, shaking and wiggling parts of your body that you don't like.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. 
  • Start talking about what your body can do and is capable of. 
  • Start saying positive things about your body. 
  • Start talking about what you love about your body. 
  • Stop talking about food as something you "can't" have or something that will make your body fat. 
  • Start talking about the foods that will help you feel good, keep you healthy, and help make you stronger. 
  • Stop talking about loosing weight, how much you weigh, or being on a diet.
  • Start talking about eating good food that will help you be healthy and strong and use your body for amazing things. 
  • Start loving yourself to a better place.