Our Story

At Choose Strength, we believe women are more powerful than they realize and their clothes should remind them of that.

One fall day in 2014, I sat at the dinner table with my three little girls. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at them, laughing, being silly, having fun, and loving who they are. The world was going to try and change them... to get them to believe that they are not enough, and I have to do everything in my power to stop that. I have to provide daily messaging so they grow up with the belief that they are strong, powerful, capable and enough. I want them to love their body as is, and celebrate all it can do... not try and change and "perfect" it. I want them to dream big, dare greatly, work hard, and practice kindness, bravery and strength, daily.

We become what we believe and the clothes we wear can influence the way we think. When your shirt says STRONG, you are more likely to act that way. When you have TUFF written across your chest, you have a constant reminder of what you are. At Choose Strength, we know that women and girls are strong, powerful, capable, mighty, AMAZING creatures... as is, and so we quite literally wear that message as a proud reminder.

Every Choose Strength shirt proudly displays our "girl." A strong, powerful, capable girl who knows her worth and does incredible things with her life.

I want our girls to grow up to believe that they have the ability to achieve greatness. I want them to know they are strong, mighty, powerful, capable, and here to do amazing things – not for someone's viewing pleasure, or as a pretty object to adorn someone's arm – and I want that for you too.

I hope you will join me on this journey to empower women and girls to do remarkable things, bring about change and make this world a better place – for everyone. Welcome. Let’s change the world.

In Strength,

Christa Doran

Mom to Livia, Lea, Keira, Founder of I Choose Strength & Tuff Girl